Computer class in Moria

It’s 7 PM. We sit under de olive trees of the Olive Grove next to camp Moria. Because of the temporary closure of the NGO area after 3 PM, where the community center of BRF is placed, BRF provides their lessons and workshops in the open air and also use the container of the Danish Red Cross. English lessons, library hours, literacy class and computer classes are held outside, under the shade of some trees just outside of Moria.

Some people from the camp came to the container of the Red Cross. Two men help us set up the tables and grab multiple chairs out of the storage. The eight laptops are placed on top of the little tables and need to be started first. When I try to start a computer, I realize we don’t have electricity because we are doing the class outside. But Rachid, a guy from Moria, knows a way to solve this problem. There is a generator in the storage that BRF uses to get electricity for computer class. Within a few minutes, the black object is between the trees and Rachid tries to start it with a friend. To accomplish this, they need to pull the cord of the generator really hard. The generator starts, four people clap for Rachid.

In the meantime, Rachid has already sat down. Now eight people are sitting at the tables with the laptops. A lesson is prepared in Excel and a typing exercise. We start handing out the instructions. Step by step the instructions explain the steps we need to take to practice Excel. Today we are making two lists with “names” and “ages” of the people attending the computer class. These lists then we put in alphabetical order, and we also calculate the average age of the group.

Sami is 58 years old. He sits next to me and looks at me. I explain to him that we are making two columns with lists in Excel. Sami nods and smiles: it seems like he understands. He starts typing: “S-a-m-I”, “58”. I look at him with confusion and a smile and point at the instructions. First, we have to place a heading with “name” and “age” above the columns. Sami nods again and places these headings above his own name and age.

The computer class is surrounded by sounds. On the background, you can hear the Greek salesman selling fruit and vegetables just outside of camp, and at the same time, the BRF Stress Relief class for men starts. The fun and cosiness of the computer class start to attract other people, more and more people come to see what we are doing and learning. People want to watch, talk and know more about all the lessons we provide. Also, people with an IT-background watch our instructions and talk to the students of computer class. Together we help each other to follow the Excel instructions.

It is nice to see that the computer class, which derived from the demand of the communities of Moria, actually encloses what the people of Moria want to learn. In 2017 the people of Moria came together to discuss what they would want to learn about computers, Word, Excel, but also typing and more general stuff like saving and deleting. People of Moria do generally own a cell phone or a smartphone. However, they can’t learn or practice typing and working on a computer on their phones. Learning these things could prepare them for the future, when they would want to make a CV of work with the computer for job purposes.

After the donation of the laptops by the Mara Delft Foundation and the availability of space to give the computer lessons, two months ago the classes could get started. Two IT-teachers and an IT teacher from the United States and another volunteer from BRF put together a series of lessons to cover six weeks. The computer lessons are held on Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7 PM by teachers from Moria.

Text and photo: Roëlle de Bruin-Boonstra
Photographs of the computer lessons in the Olive Grove were not possible nor allowed.