This past October, Adam Ostaszewski and Izabela Targosz traveled by bicycle to the Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos, for a special art project. Adam and Izabela have traveled around the world by bike for two years and did wonderful volunteering projects along the way. In camp Moria they have done a project together with the Boat Refugee Foundation, where large murals were made, together with the people in Moria.

Adam explains: “Our intention was to start a community arts program where people of all ages, sexes and ethnicities could come together to express themselves creatively, to heal some of their past emotional traumas and to make beautiful art inspiring hope for a better life in the future.”

“With the support of several partner organizations, including Stichting Bootvluchteling (Boat Refugee Foundation) and Artolution, we planted these initial seeds and our pilot project was a success. Working together with the entire community, we painted large murals in several different parts of the camp and engaged hundreds of children and adults in the process. We also assembled a team of local refugee artists who are eager to teach and inspire others to continue painting and using art as a medium for powerful messages and positive change.”

We are very grateful to Izabela and Adam for the inspiring project. Working together on the murals has been good for a lot of people in Moria and the result is fantastic.

To support Izabela and Adam, to help keep this program alive into the future, please donate at their Go Fund Me page.