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You really contribute something as a volunteer

‘Working as a teacher in the Moria School of Hope can be very challenging but highly rewarding. At first it was difficult for me to find a balance between being strict and showing empathy. You know what many of these children have been through and understand their behaviour, but at the same time you have to […]

PRESS RELEASE | Boat Refugee Foundation concludes mission on Samos

After a year and half the Boat Refugee Foundation concludes on October 1st, 2017 a successful medical and psychosocial mission on the Greek island of Samos. Just like the other missions we conducted, we want to help where help is most needed. As soon as the situation improves or when the Greek government is able […]

Doctor Anik

Read what Doctor Anik has to tell you about what working with refugees does to you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? So my name is Anik I was born and grew up in Missouri, a state in the Midwest part of the United States. I trained as a general pediatrician in […]

Rick from Utrecht worked as a doctor in a refugee camp

The traces which two weeks of volunteer work in refugee camps on Lesbos have left in me, run deep. The feeling of injustice with regard to the treatment of my fellow human beings. The shame for Europe. The incredulity that we try to sell this inhumane form of ‘shelter’. My view on the world and […]

What if I were there?

Try to imagine. You fled your own country because of war, prosecution, abuse, threats because of your religious or political choices. After a long and dangerous journey you finally arrive with your family or friends in Turkey. A dangerous trip in a wreck across the sea awaits. Smugglers force you to throw your possessions overboard, […]

Picknick outside the camp

Every week on Monday a pick-nick is organized for Afghan women, and on Wednesday for women from Syria and Iraq. We have two cars at our disposal, which allows us to take eight women. One of them is a refugee speaking the language of the women ánd speaking English fairly well. Every week other women […]

My first hours on Lesbos

It is 6.30 in the morning and I have finally landed on Lesbos. For weeks I’ve been looking forward to work as a volunteer for the Boat Refugee Foundation. I was really curious how it would be: the camps, the refugees, my housemates and especially how I would experience working in the refugee camps. Would […]

I want to be able to say it will be alright

It is Saturday night, I just came off the phone with people back home who are ready to go to a birthday party. Other friends are going to a party in the city centre. And I am going to one of the most degrading places of Europe, to Moria. What a contrast. But I’m in […]

Giving birth in Camp Moria

The evening shift of the two doctors, one nurse and a member of the PSS-team (Psycho Social team) was quiet. There were 38 patients that visited during the shift, mostly having sleeping problems, stomach pains or just feeling sick. These symptoms are often expressions of underlying serious problems like trauma, depression and stress related to […]