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Breaking news: Fire in Camp Moria takes two lives

Due to an explosion of a gas bottle a fire has started in Refugee Camp Moria last night. Following this, a woman and young child were immediately brought to our medical post. Our team has treated these two most serious cases, which understandably had a major impact on our team. Together with other refugees a […]

Lesvos: ‘Is there a medic?’

We hear someone screaming through the volunteer house. ‘There is someone laying on the street.’ We grab our crash bags and hurry outside. A young man, I think he is in his early 30, lays on the sidewalk, shaking and half crying. We can’t reach him and he doesn’t react to our questions, lost in […]


I was in Libya for six months and in prison for four months. It was very cramped. They took all our things away from us. The first prison, the guards beat me and kicked me repeatedly, sometimes more than once a day, this lasted for at least three months. The second prison, I had done […]


Hans Koster went to Lesvos as a medical doctor, with the Boat Refugee Foundation. We asked him about his experiences. In the medical cabin he tells us his emotional story about his experiences. In particular, it are the children who makes the most impressions. Translation of the movie: Hans told us that there was this […]

Samos – Story of a refugee

“I escaped alone. My family is back home. On that little boat, I was the only boy and the rest were grown men with long beards. I was scared. They gave me the life jacket and told me to pray. I didn’t stop praying until we got to Samos.” He has an intense look on […]

One will never be the same

One will never be the same after spending a day in our overcrowded camp seeing the sheer inhumanity everywhere. Tents within inches of each other, no privacy, children climbing the fences, looking for anything to play with, a rat here and there, anxious new comers just off the boat, sad faces, worried looks. I felt […]

The story of Ibrahim

My name is Ibrahim (24). I grew up in Côte d’Ivoire. I travel with my sister. We left together for a brighter future. We spent three & half months living in Libya. We couldn’t find any work. Just came to Libya, to pass to get into the boat. I stayed with 15-20 men in one […]

Story of Abu Bakar (14y)

I am Abu Bakar (14), I left Mali one month ago. My father wanted me to work on the land and my mother wanted me to continue my schooling, but later she decided I must take this journey. I don’t know how my mom arranged the trip or how she paid. I’m happy I am […]

Story of a refugee

On the road for two years now “A man from Eritrea is being hoisted onto the rescue boat. He possesses nothing other than the underwear on his body. He tells me his story. A story that surpasses my imagination. For two years now, he has been on the road. He left his country in the […]

Samos hotspot

Way too much crowd So dirty, so hot, so loud Basic humanity in need Dignity left in speed Boredom all around Despair the only sound Waiting forever to leave Drowning in a lot of grief Their future left behind The past fucking their mind Shown and hidden scars Shattered freedom behind bars Many prayers every […]