Breaking news: Fire in Camp Moria takes two lives

Due to an explosion of a gas bottle a fire has started in Refugee Camp Moria last night. Following this, a woman and young child were immediately brought to our medical post. Our team has treated these two most serious cases, which understandably had a major impact on our team. Together with other refugees a steady stream of water bottles were brought in to cool them. Eventually we ran through the camp with the child in our arms, towards the ambulance. At that time the situation was unsafe because of the riots that had broken out, but our team was greatly assisted by the refugees and our translators.

The child had been completely burned and, together with a woman, did not survive. Another child and a woman have been brought to a hospital in Athens, to receive further medical care. The medical team of Boat Refugee Foundation offered first aid in treating the wounded. During the fire there was a chaotic situation in the overcrowded camp, in which desperate people fled the camp and insufficient aid workers were at the scene.

For safety reasons, Boat Refugee Foundation provided additioneel urgent care outside the camp. Many people were desperate, in shock and did not know where to turn to. The medical care in the camp was aimed at treating burns; after the evacuation it was mainly focused on panic attacks. Ambulances came and went to transport people to the hospital. In light of the chaos, hectic and unsafe situation it became difficult to do our job, which led to the decision to withdraw. We are now focusing on emergency aid and the distribution of, among other things, water and blankets.

Our medical post has been completely destroyed.

For some time now, Boat Refugee Foundation has been reporting about the inhumane situation in the refugee camps in Greece. The overcrowded camps, in which sometimes over three times the expected amount of refugees are being housed in tents, together with the hopeless situation because of the endless arrival of refugees and the lack of transition options out of the camp can easily result in situations such as this. Boat Refugee Foundation is one of the few remaining aid organisations in the camp. Other major aid organisations have previously withdrawn from the camp in protest against the horrible conditions.

Our team has shown superhuman efforts. They are still reeling from what they have seen and went through. A team of trauma psychologists is there for them, 24/7, to provide sufficient after care.

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