Idomeni – First experiences

Coordinator Jetty on her experiences at Idomeni:

“The last days I visited two camps: EKO gas station and the much bigger Idomeni. The grim atmosphere has largely disappeared. The Sun is shining bright and most of the mud has completely vanished. As I look around the camp I see kids playing and women washing some clothes.

However, the conditions are still harsh. Dense crowds of people are everywhere and tents are closely stacked together. On top of that, people are waiting in long lines to get food and sanitary facilities are still scarce. As a result of the hot weather (today 36 degrees!) new problems arise. Tents are heating up, there are hardly any cool spots of shade, a lot of trash is scattered around and water points are scarce. The upcoming days we will find out where our help is most needed. But one thing is certain: there is a lot to do and we are eager to get started!

The EKO gas station and Idomeni camps are not official camps and Greek authorities are currently working on new camps in the region. We don’t know much about where the camps will end up, but we are certainly ready to assist there if possible.”

Photos: Lex van Iterson

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