Idomeni – The people at Idomeni

“Mahram has two small pliers. He uses one to cut the barbed wire and the other one to bend it. He cuts out the sharp tips first and makes straight wires of equal length of the rest. That’s when the real work starts: bending, fitting, measuring, repairing. He is proud of his collection of vehicles. Race cars, airplanes, helicopters. Mahram lives with his wife and children in a converted Decathlon tent, in the bushes behind the station building, next to the tracks.”

Mahram is one of the refguees stranded at the Greek-Macedonian border. Volunteer Dylan wrote several short stories which we would like to share with you as a trilogy.

Boat Refugee Foundation has been active on the Greek-Macedonian border as of April 1. The situation is heart breaking. Your support is necessary. Will you please help? You can donate throug the donation button at the top of this page or by using NL97 RBRB 0918 9326 37 f.a.o. Stichting Bootvluchteling.