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Are you a social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist or certified in (ortho)pedagogy? And do you have at least 2 years of relevant work experience? Join our MHPSS (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support) team in Athens as a volunteer! Together with your team, you will contribute to humanitarian care in an inhumane environment.

Where will you work?

As MHPSS volunteer you will play a crucial part in setting up Boat Refugee Foundation’s psychosocial support mission for adult involuntary migrants in Athens. Many among whom often struggle with issues relevant to their mental wellbeing and are in need of specialised services.

Our team provides mental health support to adults, focusing on increasing their strength and capacity. We meet people as true humans, taking their identity, knowledge and skills as a starting point. Because we believe in equality, we collaborate as much as possible with people with a migration background. They fulfil an indispensable role as interpreters during our mission activities.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for pioneers with great improvisation skills for this new mission, who are flexible and able to switch whenever is needed and are not afraid of ad-hoc jobs. Decisiveness and a hands-on approach are your strengths. For our team we look for people who like to build a new mission from scratch, enjoy writing protocols, collecting information and designing the MHPSS mission. This means that you will likely be more focused on developing ideas than on executing them.

What will you do?

The MHPSS programme in Athens focuses on offering psychosocial support to adult migrant population. Part of our team are a Greek psychologist and a social worker, who offer individual consultations and case management. In addition, our volunteer team offers a variety of other activities. As a volunteer you will be assigned within our MHPSS program; we will take into account as much as possible your personal skills, knowledge and experience.

This will be your tasks:
  • Supporting the Set up of the MHPSS Mission in Athens in collaboration with the Area Manager & the MHPSS Coordinator. This includes co-designing the programme, writing protocols, organising an efficient referral system and building a caseload database.
  • Raising awareness on mental wellbeing and doing outreach activities.
  • Promoting our activities and training other organisations about MHPSS: how to identify MHPSS-needs, respond to them and how to refer for specialised care.
  • Group activities focused on psycho-education, stress management and empowerment.
  • Organisation of referral pathways, screening of referrals and first intakes.

Besides these activities, we ask your support with administrative tasks and other (practical) activities, to help our programs in Athens run smoothly.

What is your profile?
  • You have a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience, including working with (intercultural) groups;
  • You are able to deal with emotional and confronting situations and able to separate work from personal topics;
  • You are indepent, but also aware of the limits of your skills and know when to ask for help;
  • You can stand your ground firmly and you're physically and mentally capable of performing in this role;
  • You have a strong sense of integrity and respect the Code of Conduct used by Boat Refugee Foundation;
  • You have a talent for improvising and are known for your flexible attitude and pioneer spirit;
  • You are willing to carry out different tasks and able to adjust to a changing program;
  • You can work well with people from different cultural backgrounds;
  • You have completed a relevant degree (higher professional education or university);
  • You speak English fluently;
  • You are available for a minimum of 2 months (preferably longer);
  • You have a driver’s licence B.
  • You have experience in supporting vulnerable populations such as refugee population with severe psychological symptoms, including panic attacks, psychoses and suicidality;
  • You have experience in setting up humanitarian projects and knowledge of IASC guidelines;
  • You have experience working abroad;
  • You have worked in a refugee camp or asylum centre before, preferably in Greece;
  • You have experience with mindfulness and relaxation techniques;
  • You speak French, Arabic, Farsi or Greek.
Costs and conditions

Boat Refugee Foundation’s existence depends on the many volunteers and donors, without which we’d not be able to do our job. Our financial means are mostly spent on emergency care. That is why we ask all volunteers to pay for their own travel and stay. Apart from this, you will need to cover the appropriate travel insurance and possible vaccinations.

Due to the changing context, the program may have to be adjusted last minute. We are counting on your flexibility in this regard. There is always a solution to be found!

What do we offer you?

In this position, Boat Refugee Foundation offers its volunteers training, peer support and the opportunity for personal coaching. Moreover, our volunteers join our regular multidisciplinary team meetings.
Will you join our team in Athens in this exciting phase and help build this mission from the ground up? Apply quickly using the form below – we look forward to hearing from you!

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