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Are you known for your social skills? Can you stand your ground firmly? Do you always keep the overview and can you handle protocols? Come and join our voluntary support crew on Lesbos!

Where will you work?

Boat Refugee Foundation offers medical and psychological (emergency) aid and stands up for the rights of people on the run. Where systems become inhumane and compassion gets lost, we take action. Since 2015 we’ve been running operations in different locations on the borders of Europe. At the moment we are active in Mavrovouni camp on Lesbos, which houses approximately 6.000 people in degrading circumstances. Here, our teams provide medical and psychological assistance.

What will you do?

As a member of our support crew, you will support the medical team, which offers (emergency) care from our mobile clinic in the camp, seven days a week. Besides our doctors and nurses, our interpreters who live in the camp themselves also play an integral role in our team. You will support them on their shifts, and make sure our clinic is always ready to operate safely.

During a shift it will be your task to maintain order in the waiting room at the entrance to our clinic. In doing this, you will work closely together with the shift coordinator of our
interpreter team. You will make sure the a pleasant atmosphere is maintained, and keep a clear overview of those waiting to be seen. For majority of patients we can’t do much. Therefor this job requires strong social skills and an ability to stand your ground firmly.

Other tasks

Besides workong shifts, you will work on a number of logistical tasks and support the field coordinator with general safety checks in the area of our mobile clinic. For example, the one week you would carefully check our mobile clinic with the help of the maintenance protocol, and the other week you would check the preventitive safety measures.

We work in evenings (17.00-24.00) as well as daytime. On average, you will work 3-4 shifts per week and spend 1-2 days on other tasks.

Who are we looking for?
  • You are available for a minimum of 6 weeks;
  • You have a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience (work experience abroad is a plus);
  • You stand your ground firmly and are able to cope with stress;
  • You are physically healthy: at times you will have to stand in the cold, rain, wind or hot sun for long periods of times, and you will sometimes have to do physically demanding work (like lifting/carrying around things);
  • You are fluent in English (ability to speak French, Arabic or Farsi is a plus);
  • You have driving license (you will have to drive in a manual (stick shift) car);
  • You are experienced in using Google Drive or can pick this up quickly;
  • You are able to work late shifts and cope with less sleep than normal;
  • You are able to handle emotional and confronting situations and keep work and private matters separated.
What else do we expect from you?
  • You have strong social skills. You can communicate clearly and empathicly at the same time; you understand you are dealing with people who are often traumatized;
  • You can handle impatience/frustration in the waiting queue, and dare to say no;
  • You are friendly and collaborative, and also aware of the limits of your involvement;
  • You have a culturally sensitive mindset;
  • You are independent, but also know when to ask for help;
  • You are flexible and good at collaborating; you understand that collaboration is crucial in a work environment like this;
  • You can act quickly in crisis situations (like unsafe circumstances around the clinic);
  • It would be helpful if you are practical and with a bit of technical insight, so that you could help with small maintenance and logistical tasks;
  • It is an advantage if you are a bit handy in carrying out small maintenance.
  • It is a plus if you have experience working in the safety sector.

Boat Refugee Foundation’s existence depends on the many volunteers and donators, without which we’d not be able to do our job. Our financial means are mostly spent on emergency care. That is why we ask all volunteers to pay for their own travel and stay. We have two volunteer houses on Lesvos where you can stay for 10 euros a night. After one month you can stay here for free. Apart from this, you will need to cover the appropriate travel insurance and possible vaccinations.

Because of the volatile situation in the camp, in combination with COVID-19, it is possible that we need to make last-minute changes to the program. We need you to be flexible and think along in solutions, which we will always find!

Practical information

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