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As a support crew volunteer you will assist our medical team on Lesvos. We work in the largest refugee camp on Lesvos, where thousands of people reside for a long period of time in inhuman conditions. Your job is to support our doctors and nurses during their shifts. Your look after and guard the outdoor waiting area, keep the atmosphere friendly, and have a clear overview of the people waiting.

Where will you be working?

The medical team of Boat Refugee Foundation works in a refugee camp on Lesvos, where thousands of people reside often for a long time. Most basic facilities are insufficient, and the camp is severely overcrowded. The conditions are dire and harrowing: many people live in uncertainty and are stuck in a hopeless and desperate situation. This causes a lot of stress and psychological problems. The medical team (consisting of medical professionals) provides emergency care six till seven days a week. In addition, the team may be asked to provide emergency assistance in emergency situations (such as riots).

What are you going to do?

As support crew, you support our doctors and nurses during their shifts. Your task is to look after and guard the outdoor waiting area, keep the atmosphere friendly, and have a clear overview of the people waiting.

This work demands excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to stand your ground, partly due to the considerable number of patients who we, unfortunately, cannot always help. The patients’ personal stories, often paired with heavy complaints, can be a burden to you emotionally. The dire situation that people endure often causes despair. Therefore, we are looking for people with a stable personality, a great sense of professionalism and a friendly attitude.

We work late evening shifts and on average you will work 5-6 shifts a week. As support crew you will be standing outside during the whole shift, welcoming people to the clinic.

What do we expect from you? (required)
  • You stand your ground and are in good physical and mental health;
  • Your English is fluent (knowledge of other languages like French, Greek, Arabic or Farsi is an advantage);
  • You have a valid driver’s license and you’re able to drive a manual car (you’ll have to drive a car daily). Non-EU nationals need an international driver’s license;
  • You are able to work late evening shifts and can handle a short night’s sleep;
  • You can cope with emotional and challenging situations and you know how to separate work from your personal life;
  • You are available for four weeks (this is both the minimum as the maximum term for this position);
  • You have 2 years of relevant work experience (work experience abroad is a plus);
  • Work experience in security is an advantage.
What else do we expect from you?
  • You have strong social skills;
  • You are clear in your communication, but at the same time you are empathic; you understand very well you are working with vulnerable people with a traumatic background;
  • You can handle impatience and frustration with the people waiting in front of the clinic. You dare to say “no”, keeping in mind the balance between being firm and showing empathy;
  • You are physically healthy. You need to be able to stand for a long time (about 8 hours), you will receive a lot of questions, will have an impatience crowd around you and sometimes have to do some physical work (think of carrying sofas and stretchers);
  • You are flexible and can work well in a team. You understand that in this setting cooperation is of great importance;
  • For this position we are looking for people who stand their ground and stay calm under stress;
  • You are able to act quickly and know how to deal with a crisis situation (for example an unsafe situation in front of the clinic);
  • You realize that you might encounter difficult stories and that people might try to rely strongly on you. You know how to strictly keep to your own tasks and leave decisions about who to treat and how to treat to the medical volunteers.
  • It is an advantage if you are a bit handy in carrying out small maintenance.

Boat Refugee Foundation can only exist thanks to our many dedicated volunteers and donors. Without them/you, we would not be able to carry out our work. We wish to spend our available funds to our missions as much as possible. For this reason, we ask all our volunteers to pay their own travel and stay. In addition, all volunteers are responsible for their own travel insurance and possible vaccinations. We have two volunteer houses on Lesvos where you can stay for 10 euros a night. After one month you can stay here for free.

Practical information

Are you interested in this volunteer job? Please read our important information for volunteers (about pratical matters and the application procedure) before you proceed.

Application form

Do you recognize yourself in the profile above and do you want to become a volunteer? And did you read the information about practical matters and the registration procedure? Then please register yourself by completing the form below and we will contact you soon!

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