Lesbos – A day in Kara Tepe (1)

Sanne helps out at camp Kara Tepe on behalf of Boat Refugee Foundation and reports about her work in two sequels.

“I am glad I get to work in this camp. We have two different shifts: an afternoon/evening shift and a night shift. During the day we hand out the food together with a group of residents, shelter by shelter. No long lines here, everyone gets fed within the hour. That is one of the greatest things you can do. Especially if you get to hand out meat. Because that’s not on the menu every day and people are extra pleased with that.

I also work in clothing distribution. Families make an appointment at the ‘store’. After they tell us what they need, we get three items of each and they get to choose. It gives a good feeling if you are able to grab that one item with which someone is super happy. Unfortunately that is not always the case, because there is a shortage in some clothing. Luckily, after some searching we usually find something and the families leave with a new outfit they are happy with.

Time for supper. With a group of residents I go back into the camp and distribute the food. While handing out the oranges I have to pass a ditch and I slip. All the oranges are flying through the air! The residents quickly come to help me. They are really concerned and I am immediately relieved from carrying the crate myself. After the distribution we clean up the ‘store’ and prepare it for the next day. Then they nightshift comes to take over and we go home.”

Photo: Margreet Ruiter