Lesbos – A day in Kara Tepe (2)

Sanne helps out in Camp Kara Tepe. Here is the sequel of her story.

“During the night shift there is a lot of time to talk with the residents. I like taking time and really listen. I am talking to a man who is Yezidi. He was able to flee together with his family, but many of his friends and fellow villagers have been killed by IS.

Then there is sudden shouting. I quickly run that way and see that there is a man on the ground, unconscious. My colleague is there too and helps the doctor by using his flashlight to see. We get the man blankets and put something under his head. He is experiencing a horrible flashback, screams and cries and then loses consciousness again. I sit next to him to reassure him in English. The ambulance is on its way and we cannot do more than continue talking to him. No idea if he hears us… After twenty minutes the ambulance arrives and he is taken away.

Two days later I am on another nightshift. A man comes to the fence and I recognize him as the man who had the flashback. He tells me he escaped from Moria and was told in our camp that he had to return again. This just got to be too much for him. He got away now to thank us. Very sweet, but I told him this was not necessary and that we were glad we were able to help him. I also told him he had to go back to Moria and that he could not stay in Kara Tepe. He nods and walks towards the exit. From the corner of my eye I see him sneaking into the camp. Manos (the night guard) and I turn a blind eye…