Lesbos – Ali

Dit is Ali. Hij is 3 jaar en hier net aangekomen op Lesbos. De boot had veel water gemaakt en hij kwam drijfnat en koud aan wal.

This is Ali. He is three years old and just arrived on Lesbos. The boat had taken on a lot of water so by the time they arrived he was drenched and freezing.

Dry clothes and an emergency blanket prevented hypothermia. This little boy was so funny and relaxed. He was given a juice pack and was drinking it with cold blue lips. His toy zebra received a few sips every now and then as well. He played with the pebbles on the beach while his mother went into a changing room to put on some dry clothes. I was playing with him and we took turns throwing the pebbles into the water. He kept saying ‘boat’ in Arabic, pointing to boats in the distance. “He has always loved the ocean,” his mother says. He seems oblivious to the fact that he has just survived a very dangerous journey.

But Ali will be sleeping on the streets tonight along with everyone else.

(By Mirjam Borgdorff | Translation by Selma Rooseboom)