Lesbos – Does my daughter have a future?

You’re four years old. And on your third escape attempt from Iraq, you finally made it to Lesbos with your mother. During the first attempt your boat sank. And the second time you were sent back by the coast guard. Now your home is a piece of cardboard under a tree in the camp Kara Tepe. Last night your mother kept you warm under her jacket. Your father? He ran away 6 months after you were born because he couldn’t accept the fact that you had a deformed hand. Now it’s just you and your mother.

Your mother cries while telling your story to two friendly men from the Netherlands. She is so worried. She has no idea where you will be sleeping tomorrow or if you will have food to eat. She heard that there are doctors in Germany that could operate on your hand. But she has little hope to ever arrive there travelling by herself.

She feels lonely and despondent.

Beaming, you pose for the picture…

(By Annerieke Berg | Translation by Selma Rooseboom)

(Photo’s by René Berg)