Lesbos – Meet magic Mike!

Mike Mellet has been with the team in Lesbos for over a month now and it is getting harder and harder to imagine our mission without him. BRF has been operating in Kara Tepe for a few weeks now, but a lot more time has gone into getting the site ready. Most of our volunteer are screened and selected by our colleagues in the Netherlands, some we meet here on the island as they just show up at our door step.

With Mike, that was the case. The moment we heard over the phone that our project proposal was approved, I found myself thinking: ‘I need a handy man or a construction guy to help out in Kara Tepe’. Within 5 minutes of that moment, Mike was in front of me, offering just that. Imagine the odds.

Mike’s contribution here has been priceless. He sees possibilities everywhere and when you ask him about anything, most of the time he tells you it’s already been done. We’ve been fortunate to make use of his hard work and boundless creativity. We came to know him as patient and kind, somewhat of a saint even; seemingly unmoved when playing kids destroyed a lot of the work he put into our site. Mike was actually doing a trip through Europe to see great art, and to escape the routine of everyday life back home. Mike instead came to lend a hand, in a crisis and on a continent which is not necessarily his own, a testament to his humanity. Mike, we cannot thank you enough and we will miss you!”

Tekst: Marko den Hartogh (head of mission Lesbos BRF)