Lesbos – Mytilini Hospital

For the beginning of this story we have to go back to October of last year. To the huge disaster that took place at that time. Dozens of refugees were killed in the sea at Lesbos. Our medical team was prepared and did what it could to save human lives. Several children were resuscitated and transported to the hospital in Mytilini. Having arrived there, while resuscitating, we unfortunately had to discover that the medical knowledge and equipment were lacking. This literally cost human lives.

Our medical co-ordinator at the time, Michel Abdel Malek, could not stomach this and started to look for sponsors for Boat Refugee Foundation, for new medical equipment to provide first aid in the hospital.

Last week the moment was there: over 10.000 euros worth of high tech equipment was presented to the hospital staff in Mytilini.

Doctors from the AMC in Amsterdam joined forces with Boat Refugee Foundation and provided training for the hospital staff. This way, the staff became familiar with the new equipment.

These were great days! Aid workers on Lesbos are now fully prepared to save even more lives (boat refugees ánd Greek).

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