Lesbos – Safe electricity for refugees

Sybilla (volunteer for Boat Refugee Foundation) went to Lesbos with fellow students of The University of Edinburgh to realise the Elpis project: units which provide electricity, through solar energy, for the charging of refugees’ phones.

The solar unit works 10 hours per day and can charge 12 phones per hour. These are at least 120 phones per day.
Sybilla: “It’s no longer just an idea and from today has become a reality, providing free solar-powered electricity in the Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos! We’ve spent the day installing our first unit, and it’s fair to say we could not be happier. The camp manager has already requested three (!) more units, and there are even discussions of turning the whole camp solar. Today, we are seeing first hand that this could really be the beginning of something.

We are extremely grateful to the workers at the Boat Refugee Foundation (Stichting Bootvluchteling). They have recommended us to the camp manager, arranged meetings with key players on our behalf, even helped us set-up the unit this afternoon, and have encouraged and supported us throughout this week. This could not have happened without them.

Yet today was very difficult in other ways. The heat was intense, and the stories we heard from some of the young children were deeply upsetting. A young Iraqi boy drew us a picture of the crowded dinghy he and his family arrived in, alongside stories of dead brothers and of being rescued by aid workers. What they have been through is shocking in general, but particularly so for their age.

Today we have seen that Elpis is really successful and has so much potential to expand, to other solar projects and different camps. Want to know more? See https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-elpis#/”
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