Lesbos – Vaccination Program

Vaccinating children is globally regarded as one of the most important factors in improving public health. Refugee children have often not received full vaccinations in their country of origin. Authorities in Greece have so far been unable to give the refugee children staying in Lesbos their necessary vaccinations, putting them at risk for potentially severe and contagious infectious diseases.

Boat Refugee Foundation, in collaboration with Refugee Support Platform, Caritas Hellas, and the pediatricians of Mytilini Hospital, has found a way to vaccinate the refugee children staying at Caritas Hotel. After carefully investigating all 200 refugees living here, 10 children were found to need additional vaccinations, which they are currently receiving at Mytilini hospital, using WHO recommendations and the Greek national vaccination program.

This great improvement in the health of the refugee children requires your support. The costs for an official booklet and the vaccines to make a child fully up to date with his or her vaccinations are approximately 100 euros per child.
After a recent change in the population of Caritas Hotel, 25 more children have been identified to need additional vaccinations in the following month.

Please support the refugee children staying on Lesbos, help us giving them their necessary vaccinations, and donate today.