Boat Refugee Foundation ends its medical mission on Lesvos

On January 1st, 2018 Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) has completed the medical mission on Lesvos. Changed policies in the camp make it more difficult for us to fulfill our mission in a responsible and safe way. Through overpopulation in the camp we can no longer guarantee the safety and security of our team and our patients. This mission is an expensive one and we want to spend the donated money as efficient as possible. The current circumstances make it impossible for us to continue the medical mission as it is supposed to continue.

We do realize that in camp Moria the need for adequate medical care is as urgent as before. Our medical coordinator therefore will stay on location to find out if and how BRF will be able to provide medical help in another responsible way in 2018, in cooperation with the Greek organizations Keelpno and ERCI. We gratefully look back on two-and-a-half-year medical mission Lesbos in which we could make a difference in the lives of so many people in need.

In the next months we will expand our psychosocial activities in camp Moria. Last December we opened our new community centre with a school and library. On a daily base there are lessons for adults and children. We also want to expand our training sessions regarding mental health, with exercises and tips for better coping with stress and suicidal thoughts.


More information is available from Evita Bloemheuvel, Press Officer BRF