Medical Mission – Medical team at work during riots

Eye witness account from Moria

Yesterday afternoon and last night, riots broke out in Camp Moria. Team manager Marko explains: “For several months now, the medical team of Boat Refugee Foundation provides nightly medical consultations in Moria. When we heard of the news about the riots, our new medical co-ordinator Jelmer Kooistra decided that it would be wise to go to Moria outside of our normal working schedule, to provide medical assistance.

Firstly, the camp was evacuated, which means that all relief workers had to leave the camp. For a long time, the police sealed off the camp hermetically, to get the situation under control. The riots were caused by two isolated incidents. Anger of the men in the camp about the treatment of a boy in the closed ‘unaccompanied minor’ area, and later on, a fight between Pakistani and Afghan boys in that same closed area.

After the seriousness of the situation within Camp Moria became apparent, we have been able to convince the authorities to allow us to go into the camp with our medical van. This after our doctors had already treated the first patients outside the camp. We were one of the first medical teams present and in the right place at the right time with our van. We have taken care of around twenty patients, most of them with fractures and head injuries.
Together we feel we can be proud of our medical team, and of our field team that came to support us later in the form of blankets, warm clothing, food and drink.

Any relief worker in Moria will be able to tell you that the events of yesterday did not occur overnight. If the situation does not change, it will not be the last time. There is a shortage of everything and the hopelessness of the refugee situation only makes this worse. We hope that Boat Refugee Foundation will be able to remain helping these people, who need our help so desperately.”

Without your help, our medical team would not have been able to provide this medical care. Thank you very much for all donations. You can donate through the button at the top of this page or to account number NL97 RBRB 0918 9326 37 f.a.o. Stichting Bootvluchteling.