Last week, our Psychosocial Support (PSS) team received training in the METS method, which stands for ‘Method for the Empowerment of Trauma Survivors’. We are very pleased with this training and hope to use the method soon. A big advantage of this method is that it is not only useful for psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, but also for trained personnel without therapeutic backgrounds. The methodology focuses on supporting recovery in a broad sense, by discussing techniques for increasing an individual’s own power and resiliency. The method is based on 7 pillars: Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning, Empowerment, Recognition and Safety.

Pim Scholte and Jorien van der Kolk provided the training for the PSS team. Jorien also assisted the PSS team in mental health and stress relief classes. The medical team also had the opportunity to learn some best practices and attended a presentation. Pim also supported the team for 3 days as a psychiatrist in the medical clinic. After this enriching experience, we will be able to effectively implement this new method. It has been great, thank you Pim and Jorien!

People in Moria camp have been through a lot in their home countries, but also along their journeys to Lesvos. They come from war zones, might have been tortured or raped, lost family members and have left everything behind in a search of safety. Often people have experienced such terrible violence that they suffer from panic attacks, insomnia, depression and reliving their trauma.

In the camp, we organize trainings (mental health and stress relief classes) where we offer people the necessary tools to cope with their psychological symptoms. In our programs, we will implement the METS method.

Would you like to help us? For just 20 euros, a participant from Moria can follow a series of 4 trainings.

“I slept better last week.”
‘I gained strength from the exercises.’
‘Because of the group I got in contact with other people who are in the same situation.’