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Mission & Vision

Our impact

We contribute to a just Europe where people seeking refuge have access to their basic needs and their rights are protected. We do so by:

  • increasing health, by providing medical and mental health support to people on the move on the borders of Europe;
  • contributing to dignified reception and living conditions for displaced people, through local advocacy, collaboration and capacity strengthening of local organisations;
  • contributing to fair and practical migration and asylum policies, through advocacy in strategic collaboration with other European partners.

Our mission

Boat Refugee Foundation works for fair treatment of people seeking refuge and a new home in Europe. We do this by advocating for their rights and needs to be respected in order to contribute to humane asylum and reception policies.  And in a direct way by providing medical and psychosocial support to displaced people on the borders of Europe.

Our vision

A just Europe where people seeking refuge are received with solidarity and dignity, where their safety and access to basic needs are guaranteed, and where their human rights are protected. 


Get involved in our mission. Stay updated about our work and become a donor. It is only with your support we can continue our services to people seeking refuge.

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