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Mission & Vision

This is how we make impact

  • We provide access to essential healthcare for people on the move whose access is obstructed. We do this by providing medical and psychosocial care, information, education and a safe space. In doing so, we pay attention to each individual and put the core values of humanity, equality and solidarity first. This is how we contribute to increasing the well-being of people on the move.
  • We contribute to dignified reception and humane living conditions for people on the move. We do this by collaborating and sharing knowledge and capacity with other organisations and actors in the field, in order to provide the best possible care together. And through local advocacy and the monitoring, reporting and the prevention and mitigation of human rights violations.
  • We work for fair and realistic European asylum and migration policies. Together with partner organisations, we influence the Dutch and Greek governments and European bodies. We also contribute to raising awareness of the realities faced by people on the move on the edges of Europe.

Our mission

Boat Refugee Foundation puts people before borders. We provide essential medical and psychosocial care to people on the move seeking safety and refuge in Europe. We do so on the edges of Europe, where access to care is obstructed. Humanity, equality and providing a safe space in the midst of inhumane and unsafe situations is at the core of what we do. We advocate for the interests of people on the move, contributing to dignified and humane reception and living conditions.

Our vision

People fleeing conflict, violence, oppression or persecution, seeking safety and protection in Europe, are welcomed in a just and humane manner. That means: access to essential medical and psychosocial care, a safe place and protection of rights.

Our values

We do our work out of solidarity with people on the move who seek protection in Europe and upon arrival are faced with grim realities instead of finding safety. We do our work with compassion; as human beings, we feel connected with people on the move and we are closely involved with the challenges they experience. Justice is a key driver: as long as systems are inhumane, there is no justice and we will continue to commit ourselves to fair and equal treatment for all. We care about the values of humanity and equality; ensuring access to care for every person, regardless of background or origin, and providing people-centered care. Lastly, we are independent: we work in addition to and, where possible, in coordination with authorities, but always according to our own vision and values.

Our values are our guiding principles and form the basis of our mission and our work. Our values are integrated into all aspects of our work, from policies to the implementation of our programmes.

How we work

  • We provide essential healthcare to people on the move on the edges of Europe. We are at locations that receive insufficient attention, where living conditions are increasingly unviable and where there is a lack of services and support. Right now, this is in Greece.
  • We provide our care as accessible as possible; we work close to people on the move. We work in close connection with the communities that need our support.
  • Our care is people-centered and focuses on the full individual. Our healthcare pays attention to both physical and mental well-being, and our medical and psychosocial care are integrated as much as possible.
  • By being in the field, close to where people on the move are, for example in refugee camps, we see what remains hidden from the outside. We are eyewitness and monitor.


    We use this unique role to report and make visible what goes wrong. As an independent organisation, we have the autonomy and responsibility to speak out against and help prevent and mitigate abuses and rights violations.

  • We are strong because of our volunteer professionals. Our work runs largely on the voluntary efforts of a constantly changing team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and support crew who bring a wealth of medical disciplines, expertise, knowledge and experience. They, together with our core team of paid professionals, enable us to ensure continuity and quality in our care. In addition, we work closely with people from the communities to whom we provide care. They are invaluable in ensuring the accessibility and quality of our care.


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