Psychosocial Support Team

Boat Refugee Foundation provides humanitarian aid. We endorse the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. We provide care to those who need it, and focus on vulnerable refugees.

The work of BRF on Lesbos is constantly changing. In 2015 our work mainly consisted of boat landings, a Search And Rescue mission and providing medical care. Now, we seek to offer more specified humanitarian aid (such as education and social support) for the inhabitants of the biggest refugee camp on the island. This means a change from acute to more structural support, with stricter boundaries and with a high level of professionalism.

The PSS team consists of teachers, social workers, psychologists and other relevant psychosocial professionals. We offer a varied activity program. The first shifts start around 09:00 and the last shifts end around 22:00.

Camp Moria

Moria is the biggest refugee camp on Lesbos. It is run by the army and the police. It is a registration and identification center, also called a hotspot. This means that all refugees that arrive on the island by boat will be transferred to Moria for registration and asylum application. After the registration the most vulnerable refugees and their families will be transferred to other camps or accommodation.

At this moment there are around 5.500 people living in the camp, whereas it was originally planned as short stay accommodation for 2.000 people. Since the EU-Turkey the flow of people is stagnating and the camp is overflowing, since there are more people coming than going. This has a big impact on the living circumstances: sanitary facilities are scarce, which causes hygiene problems, and the accommodation for sleeping is provisional.

Activities in camp Moria

The videos below will show you some of our activities in camp Moria on Lesvos. In December 2017 we opened our new Community Centre in the camp with the first library and the School of Hope.


Thanks to our volunteers we can help refugees in camp Moria. Esfandiar was one of our volunteers on Lesvos. In the video below he tells about his experience as a translator in camp Moria.