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On January 1st, 2018 Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) has completed the medical mission on Lesvos. At this moment we are investigating a way in which we can provide adequate medical care. We expect a restart in May 2018.

In 2015 the Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) started its first mission on Lesvos. Almost every day dozens of volunteers were standing on the beaches to receive refugees with a friendly word and a helping hand.

From emergency care to a more structural medical mission

In 2015 and early 2016 the Boat Refugee Foundation mainly provided emergency aid at the northern coast of Lesvos. Since 2016 we moved our mission to the southern part of the island to work in the refugee camps Kara Tepe and Moria and the Caritas Hotel. Because of to the EU-Turkey-deal (March 2016) people were forced to stay months or even years in the camps under extreme circumstances. As many refugees needed more professional medical care, we started setting up qualified medical teams.

Ending medical mission

Mid 2017 the Boat Refugee Foundation ended its medical activities. We handed over our work to capable NGOs, who will guarantee good medical care for the residents of refugee camp Kara Tepe and Caritas Hotel.

In camp Moria we worked with our medical team until January 1st, 2018. At the end of our mission camp Moria had almost 7000 residents. Every single day our team of doctors and nurses provided medical care during evening and night shifts. The end of December 2017, we ended our medical mission in Moria.

We gratefully look back at two-and-a-half-year medical mission on Lesvos in which we could make a difference in the lives of so many people in need. At this moment we are investigating a way in which we can provide adequate medical care in cooperation with the Greek organizations Keelpno and ERCI. Read more about this in the press release by clicking the blue button on the right.


In September 2017 reporter Lucas Waagmeester (NL) made an extensive item about the situation in camp Moria and about our activities for the news show Nieuwsuur (in Dutch).

Vluchtelingenopvang op Lesbos

“Mensen leven in de smerigheid. Het is echt een puinhoop. Het kamp zit bomvol. Europa en Griekenland hadden echt iets te verbergen. Dat is wel duidelijk." Correspondent Lucas Waagmeester filmde stiekem in het vluchtelingenkamp Moria op Lesbos.

Posted by Nieuwsuur on Friday, September 15, 2017