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What do you do during an acute situation in the camp?

25 Nov

What do you do if a fire breaks out in the clinic? If there is a violent incident in the camp? Or when someone needs acute care? These are all questions that we, with our team on Lesvos, have to think about. That is why every Monday we organize a simulation training.

During the weekly simulation training, all kinds of acute medical- and safety situations and evacuations are discussed and acted out, so that new team members also know how to act. In this way we strengthen the safety of team members, but also the mutual cooperation and trust in each other. Our field coordinator Renée explains: “Working in a refugee camp entails risks. It is a frequently and rapidly changing environment. With the simulation training, we ensure that team members feel comfortable and safe in challenging situations. Better safe than sorry!”

During simulation training, team members learn who bears which responsibility and which questions they should ask in emergency situations. They learn what signals to look out for, who is in charge and how to communicate during acute situations. Scenarios are drawn on a whiteboard and acted out, each time adding current variables that the team must anticipate to. Escape routes and emergency exits are also discussed.

Renée : “The people who have been working on Lesvos for some time also learn more with every training! Moreover, thanks to the training, we are constantly improving our safety policy.” The weekly simulation training puts everyone in the team on their toes again and ensures that we can continue to provide emergency aid in a safe way.

Only with your help we can continuously improve our effectiveness, safety and care for people on the run. Would you like to support our medical and psychosocial assistance? Become a donor now! Go to www.bootvluchteling.nl/en/support-our-work and join us today!

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