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27 May

We do our work in solidarity with people on the move who seek protection in Europe and upon arrival are faced with grim realities instead of finding safety. We do our work with compassion: as humans, we feel connected with people on the move and we are closely involved with the challenges they experience. As long as systems are inhumane, there is no justice and we will continue to commit ourselves to fair and equal treatment for all. Humanity and equality are central in the care we provide.

The above is part of our values as an organisation. Our campaign, which runs from 6 May to 6 June, has the slogan ‘Hands up for solidarity’. Solidarity to us means being connected. Engagement with people on the move and what they face here in Europe. Based on the awareness that we are not alone in the world, that we live together and are responsible for each other. It is our responsibility to contribute to a just world where every human being counts—starting with a just Europe.

Solidarity is an outstretched hand. For us, as Boat Refugee Foundation, this hand offers essential medical and psychological care to people who otherwise have no access to it.

Solidarity is sharing. And knowing that having the opportunity to share is based on fortunate coincidence. Many of you do this: you share your time, your attention, your expertise and skills, your money. As a volunteer, as a donor, as an advocate, as someone who stands up for others.

Because solidarity is also: speaking out. For justice and human dignity. For a world where every human being counts and is equal. Starting with Europe. The last day of our campaign, 6 June, is the day of the European elections. Now perhaps more important than ever. Vote in solidarity. Vote with your heart. Vote with people less fortunate than you in mind; people who may not be able to vote, but whose voices should be heard.

Meanwhile, our work continues. Over the past few weeks, you have seen in our posts on social media what daily life is like in a refugee camp in Greece. There is a lack of almost everything. When you are at the mercy of a system that treats you not as a human being but as a number, solidarity, an outstretched hand, makes all the difference.

At our clinic in Mavrovouni refugee camp, in the past month our team provided care to around 70 people daily. In the past month, together with partner organisations locally, we invested in improving the living conditions in the camp. And we offered trainings, group sessions, and support to people in the camp and to partner organisations, so that they can provide people on the move with the best possible help.

This is what we do. And you, too, can help. Our online fundraising campaign starts on 1 June – after the first successful fundraiser in June 2023, this is the second time we are organising this. Because to continue offering help, money is also needed.

Help to make this a success. Join us: start your digital donation box and raise money for people on the move. Sign up by sending an email to acties@bootvluchteling.nl. Or go to https://bootvluchteling.digicollect.nl/ and create your own box.

Because only together we can make a difference.

Not raising funds, but want to help? Click here and donate.


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