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Luxury olive oil under your Christmas tree!

10 Nov

Christmas is on its way! For some, good food takes center stage, for others gifts. For both cases, a bottle of luxury olive oil comes in handy. Whether on the table, or under the Christmas tree. With this olive oil from Olive Heroes (Olijfhelden) you pay a fair price. Fair for you and fair for the one who produced it. The farmer.


Many olive farmers on Lesvos struggle to stay afloat. Olive Heroes (Olijfhelden) works directly with these farmers to give them a fair price for their oh so fine olive oil. Part of the proceeds from the olive oil goes to the olive farmers. Another part of the proceeds will go to the Boat Refugee Foundation during this campaign. In this way you not only help the farmer on Lesvos but also the people that live on the camps in Lesvos. 

Last chance

This is the last year that this promotion with Olive Heroes (Olijfhelden) because they will close the web shop doors at the end of December (Olijfhelden will remain active outside the web shop).

You can order as many bottles as you want (the more bottles, the more discount)! For yourself, your mother, your neighbor, or for your friend who loves to cook. A perfect gift for under the Christmas tree 🎄.

All products are organic and made from the unique Kolovi olive. The bottle is available in different sizes and shapes.

Go to www.olijfhelden.nl to order. Shipping outside the Netherlands is also possible. Click on the special Boat Refugee Foundation button on their website so that part of the money will come to us. ✨


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