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Sharing our expertise to help people in need

13 Oct

Mental health problems are prevalent in displaced populations, and while many people may have different ethnic or religious backgrounds, it is a common misconception that their complaints and behaviors must be the result of ‘cultural differences’. This is a very narrow and harmful perspective. Truly understanding mental health regarding people on the move means understanding that it is NOT about culture. It’s about normal human responses to inconceivably high amounts of stress and exposure to violence.


In recent months we identified a need to share our expertise in working with agitated or distressed patients, with several actors approaching us to request training – such as Eurorelief, Europe Cares, Fenix, the police and security forces in the camp.

Our MHPSS coordinators, Mehdi and Marieke, have worked hard with the support of the UNHCR to provide comprehensive training. This training looked at various stressors associated with forced displacement and addressed the psychosocial symptoms that result from it. It offered practical tools and insights on ways to constructively interact with persons in distress.

So far our trainings have been met very positively! We hope to offer them to interested parties on a more regular basis.


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