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NEWS | Shipwreck claims
precious lives again

09 Feb

On the night of Feb. 6-7, another tragedy happened on the Aegean islands, just off the coast of Lesvos. A boat carrying more than 40 passengers was shipwrecked. Several people died, and there are still people missing. We feel devastated by this loss. Our hearts go out to families, friends and survivors who lost loved ones. For the survivors of the shipwreck we provide psychological first aid.

This week leaders of the 27 EU member states will discuss migration in an important summit. We want to point out that each and every human life is valuable. We have the responsibility to treat everyone with the same dignity and respect as we would do with our own families and friends. Shipwrecks like this should be prevented at any cost, people who flee and need to apply for asylum should have safe ways to enter Europe.


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