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Take action for people on the move!

13 Jun

Numerous volunteers are currently actively engaged in raising awareness and working tirelessly to guarantee the safety, dignity, and well-being of individuals seeking refuge. In light of the challenges faced by many organisations in securing adequate funding, we are immensely grateful for the invaluable support provided by individuals like you. If you are inspired to initiate your own action, we encourage you to email us at acties@bootvluchteling.nl. By doing so, you can obtain more information and share your ideas. Your involvement can significantly impact creating a better future for those in need.

Hiking the PCT for People on the Move

This spring, Annick embarks on an incredible journey, hiking 4,286 kilometers all the way from Mexico to Canada. She’s taking on this challenge alone to raise money for much-needed care for people seeking refuge. Annick’s goal is to support Boat Refugee Foundation, an organization that provides not only necessary medical care but also crucial psychological help, even during the darkest hours of the night. By joining forces with Annick and supporting her hike, you contribute to the Foundation’s mission and show your support for those in need.

Support Annick’s Journey, Support Our Mission!

Annick’s journey is a testament to her dedication and commitment. She will walk an average of 30 to 40 kilometers a day, spending five months in a tent, voluntarily. Yet, many refugees have no choice but to undertake dangerous journeys, fleeing violence and persecution. By supporting Annick, you also support Boat Refugee Foundation’s mission to provide medical and psychosocial care to people on the run. Your donation, whether it’s a one-time contribution, a monthly pledge, or per kilometer, makes a tangible difference. Follow Annick’s inspiring adventure on Instagram @annick_elise or visit her website to stay updated.

Cycling the Borders of the Netherlands

Hester and Niloufar have taken on a remarkable challenge to draw attention to the refugee crisis at the borders of Europe. As doctors working on the island of Lesvos, they’ve witnessed firsthand the desperate need for accessible healthcare in these camps. To support their medical and psychosocial mission, they’re cycling along the borders of the Netherlands. By participating in their final tour in Zeeland on June 17th, you can actively contribute to their cause and raise awareness about the plight of refugees. Register your interest here.

Together, let’s take action, raise awareness, and support these inspiring individuals who are making a difference in the lives of refugees. Your contribution, no matter how small, helps create a brighter future for those seeking refuge. Join us in this important mission and let’s stand together for a world that values safety, compassion, and humanity.


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