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Two years after the fire: here’s how we continue to help people

15 Sep

Two years ago, on the night of September the 8th, Camp Moria on Lesvos burned down. More than 13,000 people were left homeless and lost everything. A hectic and sad time. First and foremost for the people in the camp, but also for our organization. Our clinic, school and community center went up in flames. From a mobile clinic, we decided to once again provide emergency assistance in Mavrovouni camp.

Human right

People still needed care, more than ever before. After all, access to care is a human right that we fight for with all our hearts.

We have been providing medical and psychosocial care from Camp Mavrovouni for two years now. It is no longer an overcrowded camp, but people in the camp still encounter the same obstacles.


For example, many people struggle with trauma. They worry about their future, and that uncertainty leads to stress. In our clinic, we see people with symptoms such as panic attacks and suicidality almost every day.

Moreover, asylum procedures often move so quickly that people don’t have time to seek legal assistance. Both people on the move and those who have been rejected end up on the Greek mainland – often without help or support. With our new MHPSS mission in Athens, we are also there for them.

We remain committed

We remain committed to people on the move. Their situation, however, can only change if European member states take responsibility and ensure equal distribution and humane reception!

Thanks to your support, we can continue to provide necessary and humane care in Greece. Thank you! 


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