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Working optimally in a clinic on wheels: how do we do that?

20 Oct

For most doctors a trailer is not exactly a standard working environment. The inside of our mobile clinic looks quite different from the average medical treatment room… How do you do your work here in the most optimal way?

In order to be able to work as efficiently and with as least surprises as possible, we conduct simulation training sessions with our medical team. On the one hand to prepare our volunteers and on the other hand to test the set-up of the clinic. Which treatment room can be best used for which patient or medical issue? Has the pharmacy been logically organized? Is all medical equipment in working order and are supplies stored in the right location?

All of these are useful and important topics which we addressed during the training sessions. “For example, we found out that anti-skid mats would be handy in a clinic that’s in motion, and that we were missing some trash cans. The kind of surprises you usually only discover when you’ve started the job. Now we’ve been able to address these before we actually start the work”, explains our field coordinator Asha Fleerakkers.

Training days

From a content perspective the training sessions focused on medical issues that frequently occur in the camp, like hypothermia, panic attacks, allergic reactions and stab wounds. The mobile clinic is different from and less well stocked than our volunteers are used to in their regular work environment. Which materials do we have available and how can we use these? This is also something we reviewed together.

By now we’ve completed five training days. For our medical team of nine volunteers it’s been a great opportunity to prepare themselves this well and in such a real way, for the reality that awaits them. Thanks to this, we will be completely ready for the real work!

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