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Working together to provide good care for people on the run!

25 Jan

We believe that together we are stronger. That's why we like to work with other organizations that are committed to helping people on the run.

Due to a staffing shortage among medical organizations in the camp on Lesvos, we have joined forces with the Crisis Management Association (CMA) and Medical Volunteers International (MVI). By helping each other, we can continue to provide good care to vulnerable people on the run – care that is so desperately needed!

Whereas MVI offers medical care in camp Mavrovouni on Lesvos during the day and weekdays, CMA focuses on chronically ill patients and we are there with medical and psychosocial assistance during the weekends and evenings. Normally we work complementary to each other, but when it is necessary, we help each other out. For example, every week in January a volunteer from our foundation helps at CMA, and vice versa, volunteers from MVI helped us during the Christmas holidays.

Not only is our collaboration much needed, but it is also instructive and enriching. After all, we all have the same goal: to provide care to people on the run. We help each other and learn from each other. With this collaboration, we continue to build on our connection with other health care providers and our volunteers learn about the bigger picture of health care within the camp.

Volunteers respond enthusiastically to the collaboration. Anneke says: “As a volunteer I found it valuable to get to know the volunteers and working methods of other organizations. We now know better where to help which patient. It is also easier to ask the neighbors about a patient, because I know my colleagues. Each organization has its own way of working, but we all have the same goal: to provide high quality care for the residents of the camp. Good cooperation is necessary for that!”

By joining forces with organizations like CMA and MVI, we increase our striking power ​and continue to improve our care for people on the run. Incredibly valuable!

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