One will never be the same

One will never be the same after spending a day in our overcrowded camp seeing the sheer inhumanity everywhere. Tents within inches of each other, no privacy, children climbing the fences, looking for anything to play with, a rat here and there, anxious new comers just off the boat, sad faces, worried looks. I felt sadness and wondered why these people and why not me? The unfairness of the world.

One will never be the same after working one week in our overcrowded camp. Seeing the most wonderful smiles from refugees in our English class, talking to refugee doctors, electricians, women who have college degrees, stories of how people fled Syria, and many other countries. Children running up to play as you come to work with smiles and pleas for attention.

One will never be the same after living month after month in coats and hats. Some so depressed they don’t leave their area, and others hoping their day will come to be accepted in another country. At the rate they are getting out now, it will take 8 years before all are placed somewhere else.

Tekst/text: Candace Ryan (vrijwilliger Stichting Bootvluchteling)
Foto/photo: Marjan van der Meer (stock/archieffoto* Stichting Bootvluchteling)