People before borders

"I never thought I would stay here for four years. I have my dreams, I have things to do. I want to leave soon. But month after month, year after year, I still find myself here."

Maryam* (21) has been in the refugee camp on Lesvos since she was 17. She is an interpreter for Boat Refugee Foundation.

Maryam, Mike, Reem and Jacob* share their stories with us. We invite you to follow them through our social media and website in the coming weeks. Our message, People beyond borders, is an emergency call we make with them.

A call for humanity, at a time when people on the move are talked about as causing a 'crisis' in our safe Europe.

A call for solidarity, with people on the move who, like us, have not only rights and basic needs, but also desires and hopes.

And a call for support. With so much focus on keeping fellow human beings in need out of harm's way, funding our support becomes increasingly difficult. While thousands of people rely on our medical and psychosocial care. Because there is simply no one else who offers it.

Will you stand with us for our fellow human beings on the move? Become a donor, make an (additional) donation and/or share our messages on social media. Engage your network: organise an event or collect donations in your network, at work, in your church or among friends and family. Commit. For humanity and hope; for essential medical and psychosocial care and help us to continue our work.
We put people before borders. Always.

*Names have been changed for safety reasons.

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As a foundation, we cannot do our work without donations. With your donation we can continue to provide medical and psychological care and humanity. Donate once, periodically, have your gift recorded for several years or support us as a company, school or church community. Will you become a periodic donor during this month? Then you will receive our Hands up for Humanity bag as a gift!

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It is really important to keep talking about the situation. Ask attention and donations by, for example, going running, baking or organising a benefit concert or presentation. Together we can ensure that the attention does not fade. Need promotional material? Send an e-mail to us at to receive posters, flyers or a PowerPoint about the work of the Boat Refugee Foundation.

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