PRESS RELEASE | Boat Refugee Foundation concludes mission on Samos

After a year and half the Boat Refugee Foundation concludes on October 1st, 2017 a successful medical and psychosocial mission on the Greek island of Samos. Just like the other missions we conducted, we want to help where help is most needed. As soon as the situation improves or when the Greek government is able to take on the responsibility, we are happy to take a step back and to transfer the care to the authorities. This is also the case on Samos.

As of January 1st, 2018 the Greek ministry of Health will fully take over the medical care in the hotspot on Samos. The medical and psychosocial care in the camp will be expanded and improved significantly. For this reason we have good hope for the medical and psychosocial care to continue in the future and we decided to conclude our mission on Samos and transfer it to the Greek government.

The psychosocial activities are being spread over several organizations. Samos Volunteers is working on an extensive program to improve these activities and to play a bigger part in it as well. All our psychosocial activities will be transferred over carefully and in good conduct.

We are looking back at our time on Samos with a very good feeling. Together with hundreds of volunteers we were able to help many refugees through medical and psychosocial aid. Our focus will now be on the mission in camp Moria on Lesbos, where the need is high and our aid indispensable.


Note for editors, not for publication: For more information about this press release, please contact Evita Bloemheuvel, press officer with Boat Refugee Foundation: or +31648038570.