Press Release | Restart medical mission Lesvos

On the 31st of December 2017, Boat Refugee Foundation withdrew its medical mission from camp Moria. It was not possible to run the mission on our desired level during that time, combined with a lack of sufficient funds. Unfortunately, we see now that the capacity of the current local care providers to ensure long-term medical care for the camp inhabitants is lacking.
For this reason, we have decided to restart our medical mission as per 1 May 2018. Based on thorough research and with good preparations in the camp, we are confident to take this step. The medical mission is better prepared; with solid finances, improved registration, guaranteed protection of the patients’ privacy and an extended team in The Netherlands and Lesvos.
We are looking forward to provide essential medical care to the vulnerable people in camp Moria.
More information is available from Evita Bloemheuvel, Press Officer BRF