Idomeni and Thessaloniki

As the need is great in Northern Greece, Boat Refugee Foundation will start a mission in the area between Idomeni and Thessaloníki. The focus is on a dignified shelter.

Around 15.000 refugees are stuck at the Greek-Macedonian Border. A large number of them came to Europe by boat. They still haven’t found a solid foothold. Shelter in this area is at its minimum and undiginified. The bad weather of these past days have caused the refugees to be literally stuck in the mud.

  • Focus

    We focus on the most vulnerable. The elderly, woman and children.

  • Activities

    the provision of shelter, a purposeful way of spending the day, activities to fight boredom, identifying problems and general assistance in the camps. Furthermore the prevention of illness (clean drinking water, dry clothing and shoes, a dry place to sleep) takes priority.

  • Co-operation

    We are mapping the aid that is already on site and wherever possible, we seek to co-operate with other NGO’s.

  • Donate

    A large sum of money is needed. Only with your financial support we can come into action! Your donation literally makes a world of difference. Go to this page and donate!

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