Early in August 2015 the foundation sent a reconnaissance mission to Kos to take stock of the needs, provide urgent (financial) care and to encourage and support the local volunteers. It turned out that there were not yet any large organisations working there to get the aid started. After this reconnaissance mission, new volunteers have followed up on this. The situation changed daily and on a weekly basis the foundation has looked into how they could provide help in an efficient and structured manner. We did this in consultation with the local volunteers and police.

In January (2016) the foundation has decided to complete the project on Kos. Large organisation such as UNHCR are now in charge of the co-ordination and are able to provide the help that is needed. We will continue to keep in touch so that we are able to return if there is a demand for this.

  • Tents

    Tents have been purchased for families living in the streets.

  • Purchase of water and other supplies

    Our foundation has, over time, purchased and distributed large amounts of water, food, diapers and baby food.

  • Co-operation

    In the meantime we have established a good working relationship with Frontex, UNHCR and Doctors without Borders.

  • Volunteers

    Our foundation supports volunteers travelling to Kos, prepares them and brings them in touch with each other. We give them the opportunity to purchase supplies on Kos. We also provide after-care once they get home.

Photos Kos

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