Running for Lesvos

Almost a year has passed since I worked as a medical volunteer for Boat Refugee Foundation on Lesvos Island, Greece, to provide medical support for refugees in dire need.

This summer, Lesvos reached the dubious record of hosting over 10.000 refugees, where the 2.500 refugees of last year did not even have acces to basic human rights: enough food/water, sanitation and basic medical care.

That’s why I took up the challenge to run the half marathon of Ghent, Belgium on October 28th, 2018. This challenge was no comparison to the hardship refugees face on their challenge to find a safe shelter, a new home. But it was an opportunity to provide some relief!

These results definitely exceeded my expectations!

The fundraiser collected € 1.050; far more than the € 500 I initially set out for. What’s more, I ran the half marathon a lot faster than expected (1 hour 47 minutes vs. simply trying to finish).

Boat Refugee Foundation supported me with fundraising tips and flyers, as well as a T-shirt, which helped for the fundraiser as well as BRF to become more visible.

I’m proud of the good job BRF is doing in trying to provide some relief to fellow people in dire need.

I’m also proud of my well-wishers and donors, for caring about these people.

Many, many thanks, it is appreciated!

Rick van Uum
GP trainee / former BRF volunteer