Samos hotspot

Way too much crowd
So dirty, so hot, so loud
Basic humanity in need
Dignity left in speed

Boredom all around
Despair the only sound
Waiting forever to leave
Drowning in a lot of grief

Their future left behind
The past fucking their mind
Shown and hidden scars
Shattered freedom behind bars

Many prayers every day
Asking to end this stay
Just to pick up their lives
Children, husbands and wives

What tomorrow will bring?
Nobody knows a damn thing
Time very slowly passes away
Cursed actors in a horrible play

So why do we neglect this all
Why do we ignore their call
Realise it’s not that far away
Next time you’ll have to pray

Act now, no reason to wait
Act now, before it’s too late
No action is an eternal disgrace
For us all, so-called human race

By Richard Zegers