Samos – Several conversations #2

“Are you okay?” he asked from one side of the gate.
“I am okay.” She answered from the other side of the gate.
“Because I believe.”
“In what?”
“Tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the second day after tomorrow, until it doesn’t matter if tomorrow exist or not. I believe in tomorrow and when I do that, I am happy. In the Koran the prophet tells a story that from all the dead comes life. We take wheat grain, which is dead matter, create it into bread, that makes us live. Here, everything is bad. But within the bad, there are people. And I meet them, and they have other thoughts then me, different skin colour and different stories. And at least, we can create some understanding and produce some laughter. And I believe, that from the bad things that is happening to us now, there will be growing something good. Like dead wheat grain is the source of tasty bread.”

Ronja de Boer