Samos – Story of a refugee

“I escaped alone. My family is back home. On that little boat, I was the only boy and the rest were grown men with long beards. I was scared. They gave me the life jacket and told me to pray. I didn’t stop praying until we got to Samos.” He has an intense look on his face, his eyes are sharp, and his voice is clear.

“When did you arrive?”
“8 months ago to this horrible camp.” He gazes down and lowers his voice. “Animals live better here in Samos.”
“Where do you want to go?” “To Germany where my cousin lives.“
He gazes into the abyss and asked: “Do you know how much longer I need to wait?” “Sorry…I don’t know either” was my muted response.

What I really wanted to say is “Sorry that at 17 you are all alone, strangers have become your family, this horrible camp has become your home, and your future is on hold… You are too young. You don’t deserve this!”