Special moments on Samos

After a slight shortage of volunteers over the festive season, the team has now resumed children’s activities. Art, face-painting, puzzles, reading, and bracelet-making are all on the agenda and so far kids have left with beaming faces (sometimes with butterflies on them). The teaching program for minors is also going well from discussions about Facebook privacy to lessons on pizza-style fractions.

The hardest news to report is a summary of all the interactions I have had during my time here. They left me with impressions that I cannot easily express. I’m grateful to the Kurdish karate teacher for showing us some expert moves and even teaching us a couple. He is one of a group of dependable and indefatigable interpreters and general helpers. Included in this group is a gentleman who has been waiting to join his children in Austria for over half a year. He is alone here. It is always a pleasure when he comes to chat with us and asks to have the very last cup of tea of the night. I also remember one moment when I was walking back through town to the car in the rain and passed three refugees. One of them offered me his raincoat and I couldn’t believe it. That kindness is madness but so special at the same time. I hope one day someone actually does accept his coat when he offers it and it won’t matter so much.

Text: Zoe Roberts
Photo: Stockfoto