The hope of learning

I met Ahmed in front of the community centre used by Boat Refugee Foundation in Moria camp. The logo of the foundation is clearly printed on the door of the building. Ahmed stands in front of the building, and plays his guitar. He smiles and waves at me, and doesn’t hesitate to start a conversation. “You new teacher here?” he asks me. I nod. Ahmed is 21 years old now. He likes to come to the BRF community centre, especially because of the English classes. He also participates in guitar lessons, provided by another NGO Connect by music. He tells me he would like to be proficient in playing the guitar and also would like to learn many languages. In his home country Syria he studied hard. But because of the war, all schools and colleges have shut down. Now, four years later, he tries to study and learn as much as possible inside Moria camp. He asks me if we will add French classes to the curriculum. I answer that we’re always trying to improve our classes and that I will pass on his request.
Three boys are listening and looking at us during our conversation. Not because of our little interview, but because of the beautiful guitar Ahmed is holding in his hands. Ahmed allows the children to play a little guitar with him. But first he gently encourages them to form a line in front of him so they can play one by one. The children listen to him and laugh. I ask him if he enjoys playing the guitar and learning new languages. He nods and looks at me. “Maybe I can be the teacher someday.”

Text: Roëlle de Bruin-Boonstra
Photo’s: Kathelijne Reijse-Saillet
These are photo’s from our archive, Ahmed is not in the picture.