Only together can we make the hope for a better world a reality. Only together can we ease the pain of people on the move. Only together we make a difference. Will you join us?

Throughout Greece, refugee camps are overcrowded and unsafe. Access to essential facilities, such as healthcare, is sorely lacking. The painful reality of people on the move.

That is why we provide essential medical and psychosocial care and a safe haven. Because every human being counts.

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Share (our) messages about the situation, organise an action or give a presentation, so that the attention is not lost.

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Keep talking about the situation. Share (our) messages about the situation on social media or in your network, so that the attention does not fade. Organise an action or give a presentation and ask for attention and donations for the people who are stuck on the Greek islands. Need promotional material? Send an e-mail to us at to receive posters, flyers or a powerpoint about the work of the Boat Refugee Foundation.

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With your help, we can continue our mission. Support our work with a one-time or periodic donation or become a volunteer: only together we can make a difference.

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