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When war broke out in Ukraine and people fled, we started to explore how we could help. We have been experts in the field of medical and psychosocial care to people on the run for years, and we cannot and will not leave the people of Ukraine out in the cold. That's why we will soon travel to Eastern Europe with two mobile medical clinics to provide people with medical care.

Go where the need is greatest - it has been on our website for years. In the full conviction that every human life counts, we want to be ready for humanitarian emergencies and act quickly when needed. It is now clear that tens of thousands of people a day are fleeing Ukraine and that there is a great need for medical care.

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Our medical mission cannot do without medics and translators. We are working hard to put together a medical team.

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What are we going to do?

In order to be able to flexibly meet the medical needs in the countries surrounding Ukraine, we purchased two mobile medical clinics last week. We also bought a large, inflatable and quickly assembled hospital tent that will serve as a warm triage area and waiting room. With the mobile clinics and the tent, we are very flexible and can move with the flow of people on the run in Eastern Europe.

What can you do?

  • Become our Medical Coordinator

    Are you available within ten days? Do you have experience in the humanitarian field and/or as emergency doctor, general practitioner or tropical doctor? Then this paid position might be something for you! Read more here.

  • Become a volunteer

    Are you available for at least 2 weeks and within 10 days? Are flexibility, decisiveness and strength your most important qualities? Then you are the volunteer we are looking for! We are looking for doctors, nurses, Russian translators, drivers (with driving license CE) and facility volunteers. Check out our vacancies here.


Your support and involvement are very much needed! The purchase of the mobile clinics and the tent cost us half a million euros. We cannot start this mission alone, but we will do it with the trust of our powerful supporters! Give what you can via NL97 RBRB 0918 9326 37 attn. Stichting Bootvluchteling or via our website. THANK YOU! 

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With your help, we can continue our mission. Support our work with a one-time or periodic donation or become a volunteer: together we can make a difference.

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