Volunteer Medical Team


The medical team of the Boat Refugee Foundation works on Lesvos in refugee camp Moria, thousands of people. To be able to do a good job in this camp, knowledge about group processes is essential. It enables you to deal with people who stay in a hopeless situation, for a longer period of time. In addition it is of great importance to be able to deal with aggression resulting from this situation.

The Boat Refugee Foundation has multiple shifts in camp Moria on Lesvos. As medical volunteer you work together with other doctors and nurses in the medical cabin located in the camp. During these shifts you come across many different nationalities and languages. You will see patients with different complaints. There is great variation: from headaches and fever to severe consequences of psychological complaints sometimes resulting in suicide attempts. The medical team works in regular shifts both during the day as well as at night.

What do we expect from you

  • You are between the ages of 23 and 60
  • You can stand your ground and you are physically and mentally healthy
  • You are independent and flexible
  • You are motivated to help people in refugee camps to move forward
  • You can work well together in a team
  • You have good command of the English language
  • You are open to evening and night shifts, and you cope well with little sleep
  • You cope well with emotional and confrontational situations, and you know how to separate work from your personal life.
  • You are available at least two weeks. We prefer volunteers who are available for three weeks or more.

Who do we look for for the medical shifts on Lesvos?

  • Doctors:
    • Family doctors/GPs
    • Family Doctors/GPs in training
    • (Near) specialists in the following: Emergency care, Intensive care, Paediatrics, Surgery, Internal medicine
    • Junior doctors with experience in the following: Emergency care, Intensive care, Paediatrics, Surgery, Internal medicine
  • Nurses:
    • Nurses with experience riding the ambulance, Emergency care and/or Intensive Care
    • Experienced clinical nurses
    • Some younger nurses
  • Unfortunately, we are not looking for:
    • Non-CCPS registered doctors/nurses
    • Medical students
    • Midwifes
    • Nurses without up-to-date A-care experience, for examples Psychriatic nurses, Social-Psychological nurses


The Boat Refugee foundation owes their reason for existence to the dedication of the many volunteers and donors. Without them, we would not be able to carry out our work. We wish to spend the available funds to supplies for refugees as much as possible. For this reasons, we ask all our volunteers to pay their own travel and stay. There is a volunteer house on both islands where volunteers can stay for 17 euro per night. This amount includes transportation on the island, and excludes meals. After a month, the costs for stay (accommodation and transportation) are free. In addition, all volunteers are responsible for their own travel insurance and possible vaccinations.

Application procedure

Do you recognize yourself in the profile above and do you want to be a volunteer in Greece? Please send an e-mail to sandra@bootvluchteling.nl
* We are only looking for volunteers from the 10th of December until the 5th of January

Nieuw! Bekijk hier de trailer van de korte film over talent en veerkracht in vluchtelingenkamp Moria.