Volunteer with us

The Boat Refugee Foundation provides daily practical assistance in refugee camp Moria, located on the Greek island of Lesvos. Would you like to volunteer with us and offer a helping hand in Moria? Please apply!

The situation in the camp is constantly changing. Therefore, we plan our volunteers a maximum of eight weeks ahead. Please apply approximately two months before your preferred starting date. Unfortunately, we are not able to process earlier applications.

All volunteers are screened individually. It is not possible to apply with someone else, unfortunately.

Volunteer PSS Team

For our psychosocial team on Lesvos we are looking for teachers, psychologists, social workers and (ortho) pedagogues.


For our teams on Lesvos we are looking for volunteers who can interpret Arabic, Farsi or French.

Support Crew

For the medical team on Lesvos, we are looking for volunteers with strong social skills who stand their ground and excel in organising.