What we do

Boat Refugee Foundation offers humanitarian (emergency) aid. When systems show their inhumane side and compassion is lost, we take action. We focus on people seeking refuge, located near Europe’s borders.

Always nearby

We are present since 2015, for people seeking refuge, who appear to be forgotten. We offer aid as near as possible – inside or outside a camp. This way, we can offer help where it is needed most.

We once started with rescue missions on the beach and are currently working in the vastly overcrowded camp on Lesvos. Thousands of people live in dire conditions for months to years. Basic facilities are severely lacking. We are here, ready, with medical emergency care and psychosocial support.

Medical mission

Our team of volunteer doctors, nurses and psychologists offers medical care from our mobile clinic. We work in Greece as close to the people as possible, seven days a week. Our emergency care during the evenings fulfils an urgent need.

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Our psychosocial team offers education and activities focusing on displaced people’s mental health. While systems create distance, we come closer. We get into touch with people, see them and ensure they are seen. This way, our psychosocial support contributes to human dignity.

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We physically support people in the field. But mentally too, by standing up for them and showing support. By always treating them as human beings and equals. No human being is illegal. Besides medical and psychological care, we testify of any human rights violations we see and hear of every day.

Get involved

Get involved in our mission. Stay updated about our work and become a donor. It is only with your support we can continue our services to people seeking refuge.

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