Besides providing primary and emergency medical care and psychosocial support to people on the move (refugees and migrants), Boat Refugee Foundation has committed itself to the defending and promoting of their fundamental rights and interests. We do this by recording rights violations and policy failures and sharing empowering and evidence-based stories with policy and decision-makers.

Circumstances might differ between countries or locations where we work, but the problems that people on the move face are often similar and rooted in misunderstanding and ineffective policy.

We strive to effectively contribute to:

  • Fair and equal access to healthcare for people on the move. Including long-term care, access to medicine, specialist care and mental health and psychosocial support.

  • Dignified living conditions that guarantee the health and well-being of people on the move. Including access to safe shelter and accommodation, adequate food and (NGO) assistance and social support.

  • Fair and practical migration and asylum policies, as all too often national and international policies, exacerbate problems for people on the move. 

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