We give a voice to those who have none. We take our responsibility to inform the world about the inhumanity and human rights violations we face in our work every day.

Every day, we witness human rights violations. With advocacy, we stand up for human rights. Human rights apply to you and me, as well as to people on the run. We plead for relocation of people on the run to other European countries and see humane shelter and fair asylum procedures as the only structural solution.

The story

Many organizations that help people on the run, like ours, are faced with their hopelessness and frustration. We feel the need to give a voice to those who are denied one. We do this by influencing policy, acting as a knowledge partner and telling the story of people on the run.

Basic rights

We want to remind people that basic rights should be given to everyone – regardless of their origin, religion or gender. Within our circle of influence, we are committed to improving the situation of people on the run. In doing so, we focus on both public information and advocacy. We do this with data and testimonies from the field and in cooperation with other organizations that also stand up for people on the run. 

vrouwen in gesprek met een vrijwilliger in kamp Mavrovouni

We believe that an integral and collective approach to advocacy for people on the run offers the best chance of strengthening their position. Through our advocacy communications, we ensure that we maximize our impact with clear and fact-based information.

Get involved

Get involved in our missions. Stay updated about our work and take action. It is only with your support we can continue our services to people seeking refuge.

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